Course curriculum

    1. Demographic

    2. Pre-Study Quiz

    3. Level of Understanding Survey

    1. Maricopa Training Objectives

    2. Mandatory Reporting Statute

    3. Who are Mandatory Reporters?

    4. Who do I report to?

    5. Immunity for Reporters

    6. What to report - Various Types of Abuse

    7. Physical Abuse

    8. Neglect

    9. Video Recap

    10. Failure to Report Child Abuse - Consequences

    11. Maricopa County Protocol Details

    12. Maricopa County Protocol

    13. Mandated Reporter Protocol

    14. Report Suspected Child Abuse

    15. Video Recap: 3

    16. Remember

    17. Video Recap: 4

    18. Advocacy Centers

    1. Post-Study Quiz

    2. Post- Level of Understanding Survey

About this course

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  • What investigation protocol is this training based on?

    This training is based on Arizona law and applies to children that (1) are Arizona residents, (2) currently visiting in Arizona, or (3) if the abuse took place in Arizona.

  • How long does this training take to complete?

    The training material takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the training?

    Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a digital certificate that you can download.